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PSA for ALL my websites!

This is a heads up that my server will be going down for scheduled maintenance Friday, February 8, 10PM PST, and is expected to last up to 8 hours, until Saturday, February 9, 6AM PST.

This means that When Dragons Dream, Hairy Eyeball, A Thorny Path, The Sunnydale Memorial Fanfiction Awards and the Willowy Goodness Awards will be off line.

Laura, Femail & Midnight, your sites will be down too.

Note to self: Put note on awards sites when I get home from work. People probably won't see them, but at least it'll be there.
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Sites down

My sites are down. ALL of them!

Someone emailed the Yahoo group for Hairy Eyeball because she couldn't get in so I checked the others. No one's working. No archives, no awards sites, nada.

I just put in a support ticket with Dreamhost. Fingers are crossed that they respond quickly.

ETA: That was fast. The sites are all back now. It took them less than an hour.
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Website owners beware!

Someone emailed me at my SunnyD email account to let me know that The Slayer Network Offline Resources had made a copy of the SunnyD Awards and were hosting it at their site. I have never been contacted by the owners of that site to ask if they could do this.

shannon730, the Shades of Grey Awards are up there too. skeeter451, so is The Mystic Muse.

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Other sites I know but the owners aren't on my flist (I don't think):
Shadows and Dust Fanficiton Awards
Shadow and Dust Fanfiction Archive
Primordial Soul
The BTVS Writers Guild

There are dozens of other websites listed there, so please take a look and if you know the owners, you might want to make them aware of this site. I don't know how many owners the person who contact me contacted.
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I'm trying to throw up a placeholder page for my step-mom's site, but it's not showing up. I did it in Dreamweaver, like always. I used my regular SmartFTP to upload the index.html & jpg image, like always. But when I go to the website, the GoDaddy placeholder is still there. I set the domain up last night with my webhost, and it says that it's ready to go.

Any suggestions?
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And it goes on...

Oh my freaking G-d!

I didn't reply to the last email from the girl with the new website because last week was insanely busy and then I went out of town. (And I then I just plain forgot.) For a refresher, or to get caught up, go here.

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*I* found this funny and mildly insulting

I received an email this morning with the subject line simply saying, "Fanfiction" from a person I don't know. I risked it being spam and opened it anyway.

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Now, I've been asked before to have my stories hosted on someone else's site. And I understand the need for a form letter to keep you sane when creating a site. I use one myself for Hairy Eyeball. However, when I contact someone I, a) name at least one of their fics I'd like to host, b) try to address them by name (sometimes I forget in my haste, but their work is still named).

Wouldn't you assume that by contacting an author, that the webmistress would already know their pen name and website? Okay, maybe not your website depending on where they got your email address from, but if you've got my email address, you must know the name I post under.

I haven't responded yet. Usually I say 'yes' when anyone asks to host my fic. But if this person can't even bother to personalize the email, I don't know if I want to bother. I may say, "Ask me again after the site's up and running."