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I give up

After going to six stores in two days, I finally just ordered my new iPhone from AT&T's website. I also ended up going for the bigger storage capacity. (Which means I could have gotten a phone in store because several of the stores had the 128GB phone when they didn't have the 32GB phone.) While I was waiting to talk to someone at the AT&T store - store #6 - I was looking at the pricing and through them, it was $21.67/month for 30 months for the 32GB phone and $25/month for 30 months for the 128GB phone. (I noticed on the Apple store's website that it would cost more per month, for all options.) For $3 more per month, I can get 96 more GBs of storage. But they were out of stock of all iPhone 7s at the store, so I just ordered it when I got home.

The case I ordered won't come until next week anyway.

While I was at my second mall today, I stopped into the Newbury Comics there, and they had my Jareth Pop! They also had Hoggle, but not Sarah/Worm or Ludo. Jareth was the one I wanted most. They also were having a 25% off sale on Funkos.

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Shopping trip

The good/bad thing about losing weight is that I now have very few pairs of pants that fit, so I endeavored to fix that today.

I started off at Marshalls where I bought two tops and a six-pack of "Autumn Fruit" votive candles. (I'm still not supposed to buy candles, but these just smelled too good to resist. Now that it's starting to cool off I can start lighting candles every night. I really do have too many.) One top is a fairly simple black shirt with a black feature that goes along the neckline and front of the shirt. The other is a black & white sweater/jacket. I couldn't find either one online.

Then I picked up some necessities at Bed Bath & Beyond (K-Cups, razors, fruit storage containers, etc.) before having lunch at Uno's. I'd been craving a burger, but they were all so many points, so I got the one I wanted and only ate half. I also substituted the fries for a salad and ate all of that.

At Kohl's I found a pair of black jeans that don't look like denim, so I can wear them for work. I also am really excited about the belt that I got. As part of the design, it has holes that go all the way to the end of the belt.
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Nearly perfect day

I went to the noon showing of Stephen Sondheim's Company - the 3rd of 4 showings. If you can, I highly recommend you go on the 21st. It stars Neil Patrick Harris, Christina Hendricks, Stephen Colbert, Martha Plimpton, Jon Cryer and Patti LuPone. Now I need to see if I can find the CD from this performance.

Then I had my favorite Strawberry Poppyseed salad at Panera. (I love summer.) The weather was absolutely gorgeous, so I sat outside in the shade and caught up with reading my Twitter feed (which I am terrible about doing). When I was done, I ran into the Target next door and picked up Season 3 of Leverage.

Next I had every intention of going to test drive cars, but that didn't happen. I went to the dealership that was out that way but pulled into the Used Cars lot first. The guy there told me to go two doors down to the New lot, but when I got there, there was no clear place for Customers to park, so I left. I'll go to the dealership that I pass going home from work (on my alternate route) after work next week. I just hope they have all the models I want to test drive. I plan on getting a new Rav4, but I want to test the differences between the Base 4cyl, Sport 4cyl and Sport V6. From online research, I'm leaning towards a Sport model.

I swung by the bank and cashed a check at the ATM before I ran into the grocery store to get creamer for work.

Now I'll watch more Firefly episodes until the season finale of Game of Thrones.

Oh yeah, and Happy Father's Day! (I called my dad before the movie this morning.)
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Fun purchases

My compass necklace finally arrived yesterday. It had been back-ordered. I wore it to work today and got lots of compliments on it. One of the girls I work with asked for the website and ordered one for herself right away. Hee!

Today, after work I stopped by Target and gave in to impulse and bought this red "duffle" bag. I just fell in love with it at first sight. It'll be the perfect size to take for my long weekend to London.
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Crafts & Movies

I've had a lovely day today. I decided to do some Mother's Day shopping, but I didn't want to go to a mall, so I checked to see if there were any Craft Shows going on this weekend. It turns out, there are several Artist Open Studios going on. I found one location where about 20 artists were showing and headed over.

I found a beautiful medium sized ceramic bowl for myself. The glazing was beautiful. I also bought myself a pretty pendant. Don't worry, I found presents for my moms too. At another pottery studio I bought two similar small pots with lovely crack-like markings, one for each of my moms.

Then I decided that I couldn't wait to see X-Men Origins: Wolverine with my co-workers, so I took myself. It was appropriate to see it today, as it's my brother's birthday and ever since he dressed as Wolverine one Halloween, I can't not think of him (my brother) when I think of Wolverine. He really did look like him.

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Also, in my excitement for seeing the movie, I made some Wolverine art.

click on thumbnail to see full size

All graphics can be snagged, just please credit me if you use them.
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More things that make you go Grrrr

My power went off last night around 8:45pm and didn't come back on until some time well after midnight. It wasn't just me, my whole block was dark. Guess what I was doing when it went off. Burning a DVD? Yes. Watching my new Pretender DVDs? Yes. Enjoying my apartment finally cooling off because I don't leave it on during the day? Yes. About to fix a skirt I want to take to WriterCon? Yes.

Needless to say, I was not happy. I couldn't even start packing because there are some things that I need to try on and I couldn't even see myself well in the mirror. *sob*

This is what happens when you find everything you want on a last minute shopping trip. I ran to TJ Maxx after work, before Curves, because I wanted a new purse to take with me to WriterCon. I actually found one - a $40 Nine West purse for $15. I also found a nice pair of olive green pants to wear to work and a pair of workout pants that go just past the knee that I've been looking for for weeks. Since I went shopping, I got to Curves late, and got home late, and was only able to be on the computer for about an hour before the power went off for the night.

On top of the power outage, there was a thunderstorm in the middle of the night. Some of the thunderclaps were so loud that I thought there were 2 houses down from me. So my going to bed at 10:45 (because what else was I going to do in a dark, hot apartment?) was rather pointless.

I hope everyone else had a better evening. Lets hope the power cooperates tonight so that I can actually pack my suitcase. I had been debating squeezing in Curves tonight, since I'll be gone for five days, but now I need that extra time to take care of what I couldn't do last night.
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Shopping & Movie

I went to my usual mall today, and man has it changed a lot. One of the parking structures is completely gone. Macy's moved to another part of the mall, some other stores moved locations, and there's lots of empty spaces where new things are going in.

Luckily Lane Bryant was where it was supposed to be, which is what I went to the mall for. (I need something to wear to my cousin's wedding next month.) Unfortunately, this season's line sucks. The materials aren't great, the styles are horrid and the pants are mostly capris. I saw one skirt that I could have worked with, but of course they only had one and it was 4 sizes too big. ::sigh:: I may hit another mall tomorrow to see if they have it. Or other plus size stores, since I didn't see the Elisabeth that is usally at my mall. (Wasn't it nice of Liz Claiborne to make her plus size store spelled my way?)

ETA: Thanks for the online catalogue links, but I need to physically try things on before buying them. I'm not built the way clothing makers want to make clothes for someone my size, so things often don't fit me right.

On the up side, as I was walking by f.y.e., I saw a table with boxed dvd sets for 2 for 1. I decided to go look, and they had seasons five and six of Highlander out. Normally they'd be $45 each, and I got them both for $45. Now I just need to get seasons 1-4. lol.

After not finding anything at Macy's, I went over to the movie theatre nearby and saw X-Men 3. Collapse )
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Productive day

This has been a highly productive day so far.

I went to Curves this morning, like every Saturday. Two minutes after I arrived there was a freak snow squall that lasted for 15 minutes. By the time I left the sun was shining brightly. New England has weird weather.

After showering I turned on the computer, but was feeling restless, so I went to the mall. I needed a new battery for my watch. It's been dead since Tuesday and I've felt naked without it. At Marshalls I picked up a pair of maroon Keds to take to Rome. I have a pair of sneakers, but they don't have much support to them. The Keds were $15. I bought a blueberry scone mix there too. At Bath & Body Works I got Black Raspberry Vanilla body wash. At Yankee Candle I got two boxes of tea lights: Chocolate Chip Cookie and Mackintosh Peach. Finally, at Filene's Basement I got new leather gloves and a new workout top. I got everything that I needed, and a few I didn't. Oh, and I got Burger King for lunch.

Now I'm off to beta and then tally votes.
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Be proud, I went shopping in the rain.

I just bought a new ditigal camera. That is to say, I went to the store, picked it out, and they are ordering it because they were out of stock. I'm getting a Nikon CookPix 4600. It looks like it has everything I could need and it's easy to hold/carry. I should have it in 3-4 business days. With my luck with cameras, I did order the damage insurance.

I also picked up my Travel Converter, so I can bring my laptop with me to Great Britain. Yay!

I tried doing some clothes shopping, but that was a bust. Nothing at Filene's Basement or Marshall's fit right. I tried on a couple of things at Old Navy too, but the pants were too low in back. I'll just have to try a full priced store tomorrow. I'd like to have some new things for my trip.

Awards Sites stuff:

Kiss Me Deadly was Runner Up at the Primordial Souls Awards for Best Fanfic Name! Congrats to all the other winners. Nominations are now being taken for the next round.

The Bodice Ripper Awards (Giles centric) and the Shades of Grey Awards (general BtVS/AtS) are in need of nominations.

Voting closes at the Love's Bitch Awards (Spike centric) on Monday, 10/10. (I'm up for Best Author, Best NC-17, Best Het and Best Slash.)

Update: I contacted the author I'd left off the voting form, asking if I should hold it to the next round or try to add it in. She said to hold it because she knew a few people who had already voted and didn't think they'd want to revote. Phew.

How's everyone else's weekeng going?
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I did something last night that I've been putting off and dreading, which turned out not to be so horrible. Yes, I went clothing shopping. I'm going to a wedding in two weeks, and I wanted something new to wear to it. I found something too. I had a very nice sales girl helping me put together outfits because I can really wear dresses. (I'm build wrong for most of them and am too lazy to go to a tailor to have them altered to fit right.)

My choices are this top with this skirt OR the same skirt with this cami and this sweater over it. The sales girl had originally paired the cami/sweater combo with a different skirt, but it wasn't something that was me. I got the cami (which fit much better than I thought it would) in a chocolate brown too.

Squeeage: Kiss Me Deadly and Inked Retribution have been nominated at the Primordial Souls Awards!

btvs_hush has a bunch of ties, so if you haven't voted yet, please do. Voting closes Sunday at 8pm EST.

Oh, and check out my new Labyrinth icon made by odditzy.