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Got my Pretender S4

For those of you who are fellow Pretender fans, you know that the final season came out on DVD today... and I've got mine in my hot little hands. ::bounces:: I love having a co-worker to pre-order things from. I can't wait to get home and start watching it tonight.

Now I just have to hope that they put the two TV movies, that they made to try to help tie up loose ends, are put out on DVD too.
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I got my Pretender Season Three DVDs today!!!!!

I had pre-ordered it from my co-worker, but we had a job fair yesterday, so I didn't expect him to get it Tuesday or bring it to the fair. So I got it today. *bounces*

I know that I say this every time, Collapse )
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I've got Season Two!

Pretender fans, as you probably know, Season 2 was released yesterday. I'd pre-ordered it from my coworker, but it hadn't arrived yet when he went home to check at lunch yesterday. He brought it in today though.


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Guess what I'm doing before & after Lost tonight. *grin*
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I know some of you are Pretender fans, so I'm going to pass this along. If any of you used to read Pretender fanfic at the old Pretender.de archive, someone has taken on the task of re-creating it. (I don't remember if I used to read there, but I think that I did before it was closed.)

The new archive is called Missing Pieces
The archive itself can be found at Missing Pieces Fanfiction Archive

I'm not sure that I like the categorization yet, but the layout is beautiful.
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SQEEEEEEE - It's here!

I have in my hot little hands Season One of The Pretender!!!!!! One of my co-workers has a side business of selling DVDs online and I was able to pre-order it through him. It's got a very nice set up - only half as wide as the BtVS/Angel DVDs. There's 2 thin cases, each with 2 double sided discs in them. Then on the back of the case it lists which episodes are on each of the discs.

Can I leave work early to go home and watch them?