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Follow up on a fun night

I had such a great time at the Lord of the Rings exhibit last night. There was so much more memorabilia than I expected. They had costumes from most of the major characters, videos with commentary and behind the sceenes stuff. There was armor, weapons, conceptual drawings, models, etc. Plus, since this was at the Musuem of Science, they had people demonstrating some of the technology: image scanning, a green screen you could test out, armor in different metals you could handle (I didn't), etc.

Of course, when we finished going through the exhibit we had to go back to my friend's place and order Chinese food and watch the first movie. I'll be watching the second one today while working on a LotR icon.

On a laptop note, I realized after installing Microsoft Office and Norton SystemWorks that there isn't too much else I can do on it until I get my wireless router set up. I can't set up my wallpaper because I want to use one of my own that I can email myself. Same with writing. I still need to figure out how to fix the brightness of the screen though. It's way too bright IMO. Although, I suppose I could hook up my cable modem to my laptop in the mean time, just to get it set up, of course. *wink*
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