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Getting caught up

I've got all my votes tallied for the SunnyD Awards! And depending on any last minute votes, I've only got 3 ties. Although, we've got some very close wins, so depending on how many last minute votes I ge, there may be more ties.

Now I just need to figure out how I want to do the award plaques. I think I might try to go with screencaps to try to match winning stories/pairings. We'll see. I also want to completely redesign the site - not just change the character/colors, but change the layout as well.

And, if I can figure it out, I may finally be moving the site again. I mentioned to LaDy SiN that I could use one of my subdomains for the Awards site, and she was cool with that. (No more Geocities bandwith issues!) I just need to figure out how to set up a subdomain. claudia6913, got any tips?

In other things to make my life busier... I've been noticing the lack of a Giles/ASH icontest community and am tempted to create one. Anyone think it's a worthwhile idea?
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