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The Travel Bug has bitten hard

Call me crazy. I've been home from the UK for a week and I've just booked another overseas trip. I was invited by Kat (KallieRose) to go to Rome with her. How could I refuse? Especially when I found out Lisa Kelley is going too.

I knew Kat was planning on taking her mom to Europe. She's been planning it for months. Last week she emailed me to say she'd booked the tickets for the end of March-first week of April. Her best friend was going too and bringing another friend. When I found out Lisa was going, without her husband, I couldn't resist saying, "I wish I could go too." Her response was, "If you can afford it, wanna come?" How could I say 'No'?

So today we chatted and got all excited. I did some searches for flights and found roundtrip tickets for $488! Even better is that I'm on the same flights to and from Rome with Kat and her mom. I was able to pick a seat next to Lisa from NY to Rome and next to Kat from Rome to Toronto. (Different airlines in each direction.)

I am so bouncy now it's ridiculous. I've never been to Italy before. And I get to travel with two very good friends. I've never traveled with friends before. It's going to be so much fun. I can't wait.
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