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Mick Rory theories

I've been posting some theories about Mick over on Tumblr that I figured I should share here too.

Theory One

Whatever is making Mick see Leonard, be it a projection from the Legion of Doom or something else, is also causing damage to Mick’s memory centers.


We know they found that implant in his head last week, what if it’s affecting his memory, so that things he should know about time travel are being erased? Maybe some kind of safety measure from the Time Masters for if operatives go rogue or are lost/trapped in time? When the chip stops working, it takes away knowledge about time travel.

Mick isn’t dumb, so something is affecting his brain and making him seem that way. Something Gideon hasn’t detected, yet.

Theory Two

Why is Mick suddenly drinking so much beer? Last season he was into harder stuff - morphine or whiskey (any hard liquor really) but we didn’t see him drinking beer except when in the bar in St. Roch.

Could there be some kind of link between that and his sudden increase in stupidity? And I don’t mean the harder stuff catching up with him.

Rather, there was some kind of negative reaction between the beer being consumed on the Waverider and something the Time Masters did to him. If Gideon is creating all this beer, maybe there’s some ingredient in there that isn’t found in hard liquors that is negatively affecting Mick’s brain. Possibly related to the chip they found in his head.

This theory isn’t fully formed, but I wanted to put it out there anyway since it’s been nagging at me.
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