Elisabeth (dragonydreams) wrote,

Still in MKE

We had a nice Hanukkah party Sunday night. My step-mom made her usual yummy brisket and latkes.

Here is the majority of my haul. I also got a picture my step-sister made, a calendar and an Amazon gift card. My step-mom also made a gorgeous, colorful scarf.

Yesterday we walked over the shopping street a few blocks away and after a stop at Starbucks, wandered around the independent bookstore. They have a fun way of naming the sections.

I picked up copies of the first thee books in the Miss Peregrine series for $7.99 each.

In the afternoon we went to see Rogue One. I liked it much more than I expected to. Without being spoilery, I really liked how it fit into the overall saga. After the movie I got my Rocky Rocco's pizza fix.

Today we're going to an art museum that features Wisconsin artists. The featured artist does photo-realism paintings.
Tags: family, rl

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