Elisabeth (dragonydreams) wrote,

I give up

After going to six stores in two days, I finally just ordered my new iPhone from AT&T's website. I also ended up going for the bigger storage capacity. (Which means I could have gotten a phone in store because several of the stores had the 128GB phone when they didn't have the 32GB phone.) While I was waiting to talk to someone at the AT&T store - store #6 - I was looking at the pricing and through them, it was $21.67/month for 30 months for the 32GB phone and $25/month for 30 months for the 128GB phone. (I noticed on the Apple store's website that it would cost more per month, for all options.) For $3 more per month, I can get 96 more GBs of storage. But they were out of stock of all iPhone 7s at the store, so I just ordered it when I got home.

The case I ordered won't come until next week anyway.

While I was at my second mall today, I stopped into the Newbury Comics there, and they had my Jareth Pop! They also had Hoggle, but not Sarah/Worm or Ludo. Jareth was the one I wanted most. They also were having a 25% off sale on Funkos.

Tags: funko, iphone, shopping

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