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Shopping trip

The good/bad thing about losing weight is that I now have very few pairs of pants that fit, so I endeavored to fix that today.

I started off at Marshalls where I bought two tops and a six-pack of "Autumn Fruit" votive candles. (I'm still not supposed to buy candles, but these just smelled too good to resist. Now that it's starting to cool off I can start lighting candles every night. I really do have too many.) One top is a fairly simple black shirt with a black feature that goes along the neckline and front of the shirt. The other is a black & white sweater/jacket. I couldn't find either one online.

Then I picked up some necessities at Bed Bath & Beyond (K-Cups, razors, fruit storage containers, etc.) before having lunch at Uno's. I'd been craving a burger, but they were all so many points, so I got the one I wanted and only ate half. I also substituted the fries for a salad and ate all of that.

At Kohl's I found a pair of black jeans that don't look like denim, so I can wear them for work. I also am really excited about the belt that I got. As part of the design, it has holes that go all the way to the end of the belt.
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