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Fun at the Faire

I had a good time at King Richard's Faire today, even though we got rained on. It was a warm rain, and didn't pour. We just stood under a building for a little while at one point, but no one seemed to care that it was raining.

There was a fun new act this year, a pair of aerial dancers. Photos of them beneath the cut.

I also found a new under dress to wear going forward. It'll go nicely under my forest green over dress.

And I got a gorgeous ceramic bowl from the potter I like. This is my second piece by her.

There was also honey mead. Yum! And dinner at IKEA for Swedish Meatballs.

King Richard's Faire 2016 007
King Richard's Faire 2016 006
King Richard's Faire 2016 005
King Richard's Faire 2016 004
King Richard's Faire 2016 002
King Richard's Faire 2016 001
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