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Fic: A Pretty Good Bad Idea 1/1 (Sara Lance/Leonard Snart) Teen

Title: A Pretty Good Bad Idea
Fandom: DC's Legends of Tomorrow
Rating: Teen
Pairings/Characters: Sara Lance/Leonard Snart
Summary: They know that being together is a bad idea, but neither one really cares.
Timeline: Nothing specific.
Word Count: 537
Disclaimer: I claim no ownership over these characters. I am merely borrowing them from DC Comics, Greg Berlanti, Marc Guggenheim, Andrew Kreisberg and Phil Klemmer.
Betas: Thank you to angelskuuipo for looking this over for me.
Author's Note: I was in New York this past weekend to see the musical Waitress on Broadway. One of the songs, "Bad Idea", seemed perfect for Sara and Leonard. Lyrics and title from the show, written by Sara Bareilles.

"It's a bad idea me and you
I've never known anything so true
It's a terrible idea me and you"

Sara knew it was a bad idea, this thing with Leonard, but she couldn't seem to stop herself.

"It's a bad idea me and you
Let's just keep kissing till we come to"

Mouths pressed together, teeth nipping, breath heavy as they tore at each other's clothes. Passions high after a failed, or successful, mission.

"Heart stop racing let's face it making mistakes like this
Will make worse what was already pretty bad
Mind stop running it's time we just let this thing go
It was a pretty good bad idea wasn't it though"

Leonard knew he shouldn't keep giving in to his baser instincts when it came to Sara. Yes, she was hot and seemed to get him in a way that no one but Mick had in a very long time, but there was no place for them in the real world.

"It's a bad idea me and you
It's a bad idea me and you
Hold me close while I think this through"

There was just no way they could work long term.

"Yeah it's a very poor idea me and you"

Sara's family was in Star City. Leonard's was in Central City. They'd return to them when this was over because that's where they belonged.

"It's a bad idea me and you
Maybe one more kiss will make us come to"

Sneaking off like teenagers to make out while the rest of the team carried out their assignments, after they'd finished theirs, of course.

This mission they were on was temporary. Once they killed Savage they would go back to their regular lives.

"Heart stop racing let's face it making mistakes like this
Will make worse what was already pretty bad
Mind stop running it's time we just let this thing go
It was a pretty good bad idea wasn't it though"

Fighting side by side, watching each other's backs. Keeping each other safe.

"I know what's right for me
It's the only thing I've ever done
What if I never see
Myself ever be anything more than what I've already become"

Not that Sara had any life to speak of to go back to.

Leonard wasn't sure that he could go back to just being a thief after helping to save the world.

"I need a bad idea
I need a bad idea
Just one"

Hanging out in one of their bunks playing gin. Passing a bottle back and forth with Mick. Then kicking Mick out while they spent hours exploring each other's bodies.

But for now, they were having fun. And they were going to enjoy themselves for as long as this adventure lasted.

"Heart keep racing let's make mistakes let us say so what
And make worse what was already pretty bad
This secret is safe
No reason to throw it away
When there's love to be had
Hold me tight as I tell myself that you might make sense
And make good what has been just so bad
Let's see this through
It's a pretty good bad idea
Me and you"
Tags: captain canary, fic:a pretty good bad idea, legends of tomorrow fic, sara lance/leonard snart

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