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Be proud, I went shopping in the rain.

I just bought a new ditigal camera. That is to say, I went to the store, picked it out, and they are ordering it because they were out of stock. I'm getting a Nikon CookPix 4600. It looks like it has everything I could need and it's easy to hold/carry. I should have it in 3-4 business days. With my luck with cameras, I did order the damage insurance.

I also picked up my Travel Converter, so I can bring my laptop with me to Great Britain. Yay!

I tried doing some clothes shopping, but that was a bust. Nothing at Filene's Basement or Marshall's fit right. I tried on a couple of things at Old Navy too, but the pants were too low in back. I'll just have to try a full priced store tomorrow. I'd like to have some new things for my trip.

Awards Sites stuff:

Kiss Me Deadly was Runner Up at the Primordial Souls Awards for Best Fanfic Name! Congrats to all the other winners. Nominations are now being taken for the next round.

The Bodice Ripper Awards (Giles centric) and the Shades of Grey Awards (general BtVS/AtS) are in need of nominations.

Voting closes at the Love's Bitch Awards (Spike centric) on Monday, 10/10. (I'm up for Best Author, Best NC-17, Best Het and Best Slash.)

Update: I contacted the author I'd left off the voting form, asking if I should hold it to the next round or try to add it in. She said to hold it because she knew a few people who had already voted and didn't think they'd want to revote. Phew.

How's everyone else's weekeng going?
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