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London Question

As my trip to Great Britain nears (I leave in 11 days), my thoughts turn to how to spend my free day in London. I got my trip packet in the mail last weekend with the itinerary and brochures of the hotels and print-outs of what we'll be doing. I'd forgotten that we'll have all of October 22nd (Saturday) free in London. My step-dad has some things he'd like to do, and I'll probably tag along with him and my mom.

But being me, my thoughts naturally turned to the theatre. (My mom said we could go at night, but she doesn't want to waste the day indoors. Fine with me so long as I go.)

So here's my question, is there anything playing that I shouldn't miss? Or something else you think I should check out? Want to meet me in person? This is what we'll be doing while in London/Scotland.

Any suggestions would be much appreciated. While I'm more than capable of doing an online search to see what's playing, a recommendation or vehemant bashing could sway me one way or the other.

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