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Just got home from seeing Serenity. First my friends took me out for dinner at P.F. Chang's, where they still ordered a huge slice of 6-layer chocolate cake with a candle and sang "Happy Birthday" to me. I was hoping I'd get out of that part. Cake was good though, as was dinner. I've got leftovers of both. Only two of them went with me to the movie afterwards.

OMG, they killed Wash! I swear, the entire theatre gasped, including myself. How could they kill Wash? He was such a fun character.

I was a little disturbed with the beginning of the movie. It implied that Simon knew more about what was done to River when he broker her out than he did on the show. I could see how it could be explained that while he knew some of what they'd done to her, he didn't know exactly what or how deeply it went. But it still grated with me.

I was disappointed with what they did with Kaylee in the movie. Or should I say the lack of what they did with her? All she seemed to do in the movie was lust after Simon and complain about the lack of sex in her life.

I really enjoyed all of River's fight scenes. It was just fun watching this slip of a girl bring down rooms full of men, or worse.

Seeing the Reevers, and learning how they came to exist, was kind of freaky. And scary.

Does this mean that River will be more 'normal' now? Now that she's exposed the cover-up about Miranda, will she be able to heal? Or does it just mean that she and Simon won't be chased anymore?

Also, is it wrong that I enjoyed seeing Mal get beat up so much? He takes a hit well and keeps coming back for more. He's not some perfect, can't-be-hit captain, but a human one that gets bloodied from time to time. Quite a lot in this film though. And yay that there's hope for him and Inara.
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