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TNT shuffled their schedule!

I usually get home around 5:45-5:50pm and am able to catch the last 10 minutes of Angel on TNT. Tonight I got home and turned on the TV and it was the end of Charmed. Usually Charmed is on at 6pm and I sit through it while I wait for Law & Order to come on at 7pm.

Apparently Charmed was moved up to 5pm. (No big loss for me. Anything season four or later I don't much care for anyway.) Alias is now on at 6pm - although strangely they started it with the beginning of last season. (I don't usually watch this show, but started last season since it was on after Lost.) L&O is still on at 7pm. Angel is now on at 7AM!!!!! Replacing The Pretender, I might add, which is no longer on at all. Usually I watch BtVS on FX at 7am before work (after checking the Weather Channel).
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