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My mom is here!

Not in my apartment, but in my state. Permanently. She and my step-dad arrived on Monday. They didn't bring all their stuff out yet, just the kitchen stuff, some comfy chairs a bed and a card table and chairs. My step-dad will be completely remodeling the first floor, knocking down walls, adding a bathroom, etc.

Their house is an hour north of me in Gloucester, MA. Yesterday I went up to spend the day with them. We had lunch and then my mom and I walked through the cemetery behind the house, through some woods, to the ocean. There are large rocks leading down to the water. We sat on the rocks for a bit before heading back. Then we drove into Rockport, the next town over from them. We found a place to park and walked around the touristy area. I got some Raspberry Lemonade taffy at a candy store. My asked me to stay for dinner too, so I did.

It was a nice day. It'll be interesting living in the same state. I've been out here for 15 years and while part of me is still a little nervous about us being so close, at least she's an hour away. My mom and I get along better when we don't see each other all the time. At least that used to be true.

Back of house and yard. You can see where my step-dad is tossing the floor-boards he's already ripped up.
Gloucester MA 001

Gloucester MA 002

Another view of back yard including small barn/wood shop
Gloucester MA 003

Where back yard meets cemetery
Gloucester MA 005

Road leading out of cemetery next to house (it's one way)
Gloucester MA 007

Memorial built into large rock
Gloucester MA 008

Path leading down rocks to ocean
Gloucester MA 009

Gloucester MA 010

Gloucester MA 011

Rockport, MA
Gloucester MA 012

I can't decide what to do today. I officially need to go buy new jeans because my old ones finally died at the inner thighs. But I also need to make cookies (or something) with my dead bananas because they're stinky. But I also need to clean my apartment because my mom is staying with me Wednesday night while she is leading a tour and the group is staying in a hotel a few blocks from me. (I'm going to join the tour next weekend when they go up to Maine and go to the Portland Art Museum where we'll tour Winslow Homer's home. Except I'll be driving myself 3 hours up there since they're going from New Hampshire and I'll be going from home.) My calves hurt from walking up and down hills yesterday, so I don't want to walk around shopping, so that probably isn't going to happen. So cleaning and baking it will be. Even if it is really sunny out today.
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