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I'm home

Bet most of you didn't even know I was gone. I took a quick trip to visit my family over the weekend. The goal for the weekend was to go through my stuff that's in my mom's basement. My brother and his girlfriend came in for the weekend too.

But first I spent Friday night at my dad's house. We picked up pizza from one of the local chains I like for dinner and watched Big Hero 6, which I'd brought with me because I'd, correctly, assumed my dad hadn't seen it yet.

Saturday morning I went with my brother and his gf for brunch with one of his best friends (and his wife). He let slip that my brother's gf had moved in with my brother. Apparently it wasn't a secret, they just hadn't said anything to us. (My mom didn't know either.) We had Zombie Killer Mead and it was amazing. It's an apple cider with cherry juice and honey. So Good!

After brunch we went up to our Mom's house and got down to work. I had a lot more stuff there than I thought. I thought there were only a couple boxes of books and toys. It was more like 5 boxes of books and 4 boxes of toys/collectibles. I am getting rid of most of the old stuffed animals, except for the ones we made. I'm also getting rid of the dollhouse furniture because a) no more dollhouse (it had been on loan from a cousin and we gave it back ages ago) and if I ever have a kid, they're not going to want my old falling-apart furniture. I went through all of the books and am only getting rid of a dozen or so. I had forgotten that I used to collect candles, too. I brought those back with me - to burn and not just look at.

That night we went to a French restaurant for dinner. I had Coq au Vin. Very yummy. My shirt thought so too.

On Sunday, we had a lazy morning and then met up with my step-dad's daughter to celebrating her graduating from University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee that morning. She's spending the next two months working on a coffee plantation in Hawaii before moving to Minneapolis, where her boyfriend lives.

My brother and his gf left after lunch and when we got back to the house I helped my mom start to pack. We got one full set of dishes packed up. We had to stop because we ran out of newspaper to wrap the dishes in.

That evening we went to see the movie Woman in Gold. It was wonderful. Very moving. I cried several times.

Today I flew home. Now I get to catch up with my DVR, LJ & Tumblr.

I hope everyone had a good weekend.
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