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Big Dilemma

This season is looking to be a b*tch for me. There's at least three nights where I have overlapping shows that I'll want to watch. Tonight is the first. Bones (David Boreanz' new show) premiere's opposite the season premiere of Gilmore Girls.

I've just realized that I cannot watch one channel while taping another. Granted, I have a small TV in my bedroom that doesn't have cable, but I'd rather not watch either show in there. But tonight I might just do that.

I have recently discovered Torrents, however. Now, since I only discovered them about a month ago, I've never tried to download a show as it's being shown. (I did download the first season of Veronica Mars. That's another one that will be conflicted - on at the same time as Lost on Weds.) For those of you use use torrents, how long before I will be able to download a fresh episode?

I suppose that for tonight, I can tape Bones and watch GG on the little TV. I've gotta watch that one as it airs so that I can find out if Luke says he'll marry Lorelai. Then later I can check to see which, if either, or both, I can download in the future.

Why do all the good shows have to be on in the same time slot???
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