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Fic: Maybe Purgatory Isn't Such a Bad Place to Be 2/15 (Oliver/Felicity) Mature

Title: Maybe Purgatory Isn't Such a Bad Place to Be
Author: Elisabeth / dragonydreams
Rating: Mature
Pairing: Oliver Queen/Felicity Smoak
Fandom: Arrow
Summary: Felicity ends up on Lian Yu after escaping from the Triad.
Spoilers/Timeline: Pre-Series/Post-Season 3 Flashbacks
Word Count: 21,850 story / 1,341 this chapter
Disclaimer: I claim no ownership over these characters. I am merely borrowing them from Greg Berlanti, Marc Guggenheim, and Andrew Kreisberg.
Feedback: Yes please! It makes me happy and keeps me writing.
Thanks to angelskuuipo and apckrfan for beta'ing this and for all of the hand holding as I found myself rushing head first into a new fandom.
Author's Note 1: This story was inspired by watching Romancing the Stone.
Author's Note 2: This is my maiden voyage into the Arrow fandom, so please be kind.

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Chapter 2

Oliver slowly guided Felicity through the woods. Her eyes scanned around her, looking up to see the sky spotted through the tops of the trees.

"Keep your eyes on the ground," Oliver warned her. "There are landmines, so you need to watch your step."

Felicity immediately stopped in her tracks. "Landmines? Real, active landmines?"

"They're left over from World War II, set by the Japanese," Oliver informed her.

"How do you know they're still active?" Felicity asked, still not moving.

"Because I stepped on one my first year here," Oliver admitted.

"But you're still alive," she pointed out. "How do you know they're still active?"

"It went off. It's a long story. Let's keep moving. You'll be fine, just watch where you step."

Felicity's grip on his arm tightened, but she allowed him to continue on.

It was another fifteen minutes or so of going uphill before Oliver led her to a cave.

"In here," he said, before ducking inside.

Felicity looked around nervously, questioning the sanity of following a strange man into a dark cave in the middle of nowhere, before deciding that it was either this or try to fend for herself, and she had little hope of surviving long under that scenario.

Oliver was bent over a fire pit, coaxing a fire to life, when she entered the cave.

"How are your clothes?" he asked, his back to her.

"My clothes?" Felicity asked.

"Are they still wet? Do you need to take them off to dry out?" he clarified.

Felicity blushed. She reached one hand down to feel her skirt and one to her sweater to do the same. "They're, um, still kinda wet, but they're the only ones I've got, so I'll just keep them on."

Oliver nodded towards some clothes on the ground near the fire pit. "Those should fit."

Felicity crept closer and picked the clothes up. "These are women's clothes," she observed aloud.

"Yes, they are," Oliver acknowledged. "I'll step outside so you can change."

"Thank you."

Felicity waited until Oliver was out of sight and, still blushing, quickly slipped out of her damp clothes and into the dry ones, keeping her underwear and bra on. While not a perfect fit, they would keep her warm; warmer than her own sundress would have been, at any rate.

"All clear," she called out as she hung her wet clothes from the line she found against the wall.

Sitting on the ground beside the fire pit, Felicity began to pull her electronics out of her bag, grateful that they'd been powered off when she'd ended up in the water.

When Oliver joined her, she looked woefully at her babies before looking up at him. "You wouldn't happen to have a large container of dry rice around here, would you?"

Oliver looked confused and shook his head no. "Sorry, fresh out of rice."

"Figures. Go to China and there's no rice when you need it," Felicity sighed.

"What do you need it for?" Oliver asked, sitting on the other side of the fire.

"To dry out my tablet and phone. Best way to save waterlogged devices is with rice," she informed him. "I'm not sure if they'll be salvageable without it, but I'll do my best with what I have to work with."

Felicity pulled out her toolkit and after making sure her tools were clean and dry she began to dismantle her phone and tablet.

"Hey, do you have a spare blanket or towel I can use?" she asked.

Oliver retrieved a couple of small towels and handed them to her. "I've been without technology for so long that I've forgotten what it's like to rely on it so much."

"I don't rely on my technology," Felicity huffed, methodically opening the case of her tablet, removing the battery, drying it, and then every other component she could remove. Oliver cocked an eyebrow at her, given how forlorn she looked. "Okay, maybe I do, but that's because technology is my life."

"Boy, have you landed in the wrong place," Oliver said.

"Tell me about it," Felicity agreed. "Is there even a cell tower around here if I did get them working?"

Oliver thought about it. Fyers had used SAT phones and walkie talkies, so he was assuming the answer was no.

"I don't think so. I only ever saw people using SAT phones and radios."

"I can work with that," Felicity said, perking up. "At least, I should be able to, if I can get my tablet working. It would be a shame to lose it; I just got it, after all."

"A gift from your parents?" Oliver asked, given the nostalgic look she was wearing.

"What? No!" As if her mother would ever be able to buy her tech. "It's from my boss. It's why I'm in China, actually."

Oliver grabbed a canteen and some dried meat from a chest and handed it to Felicity. "Why don't you tell me about it? Where do you work?"

"I work for you, actually," Felicity admitted. "Your family's company, that is."

Oliver couldn't help smiling at that coincidence. "How long have you been there? I don't remember seeing you around when I've been by."

"You wouldn't have seen me," Felicity countered. "First of all, you would never be down in IT and second of all, I'm not your type."

Oliver pouted. "How do you know what my type is?"

"I may be smart, but I still saw the tabloids. I've seen the kind of women you 'date'. Besides, I wasn't working for QC yet when you, um, left."

"I think I'm offended," Oliver said. "I'm also not that boy anymore."

"No, I don't think you are," Felicity agreed. She'd seen photos of Oliver - not just in the tabloids and news, but also in his mother's office. He'd always looked carefree in those photos. The man before her now was about as far from carefree as you could get.

"So how did you end up in China?" Oliver asked. "I wasn't aware that they sent IT personnel abroad very often."

"They don't," Felicity agreed. "This was kind of a unique situation. I may have only been there a year, but I'm the best damn thing to happen to that department in years, if I do say so myself."

"So modest," Oliver teased.

"I'm all for modesty when it's called for, but it's not here. I'm just that good," Felicity said, sitting up straighter and grinning. She finished taking apart the tablet and began to repeat the process with her phone.

"Anyway, Mr. Steele - do you remember who Mr. Steele is?" she paused waiting for Oliver to nod that he did "wanted someone from IT to go test the new tablet Applied Sciences was developing while it was still in the manufacturing phase in Hong Kong. My supervisor recommended me for the trip, so here I am."

"But you don't know how you got from Hong Kong to here?" Oliver asked.

"No idea. Maybe I bumped my head?" Felicity suggested.

"I'm sure it'll come back to you once you've rested some."

Felicity yawned, as if the mere mention of rest made her realize how tired she was; which was weird since she'd only been conscious for about an hour. "I sure hope so," she said through another yawn.

"Why don't you try to get some sleep," Oliver suggested, standing. "There's a pallet set up against that wall. I'll go see if any of my traps have anything for dinner."

She took the hand Oliver held out to her and followed him to the pallet. It didn't look very comfortable, but as exhausted as she was, she didn't really care. She toed off her shoes and allowed Oliver to help her lie down. She pulled her ponytail free and set her glasses on the ground.

She vaguely felt Oliver brush a hand over her hair as he said, "Rest well, Felicity."

"You too," she mumbled, smiling at the chuckle that moved away from her as she drifted off.

Chapter 3
Tags: arrow fic, fic:maybe purgatory isn't such a bad pla, olicity, oliver queen/felicity smoak

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