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Story Pimpage

I have to take a minute to pimp a new author's first story.

Many of you have probably received feedback from Vallkiran over the years. Well, she's written her first story and I have had the pleasure of beta'ing it. The pairing is Willow/Spike/Faith.

The Prelude to the Three Fates Series has been posted to her website (click on link) as well as the NHA & Soulmates groups.

This is one of the most innovative stories that I have read. We follow Spike, Willow and Faith through three parallel worlds, both separately and, later, together. As stated in her author's notes:
This fic could get a little confusing, especially in the Prelude. So I’ve tried to set things up to make everything clearer. I will refer to the three different storylines by Knownverse, Pinionverse and Shadowverse to keep them clear. It also won’t be short, so be prepared. I will archive this story on my website at www.hlegacy.com/threefates.html

Please take a moment to read and feedback this wonderful story.
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