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Ship Meme

Gacked from jennie_wls and emeraldswan who gacked from velvetwhip, etc. I'm actually going to combine Jen & Emmy's responses because I want to respond to both of theirs, but only want to do this once.

Rate each pairing according to your personal tastes: five stars (OTP!) to one star (I'd rather eat raw sewage). Then add three more pairings to the bottom of the list, and pass it on. Use the lj-cut tag.

1. Willow/Angel(us) ****
2. Willow/Xander**
3. Willow/Spike *****
4. Willow/Spike/Angel(us) *****
5. Willow/Tara *
6. Willow/Oz *
7. Willow/Giles *****
8. Willow/Kennedy *
9. Spike/Xander *
10. Spike/Angel(us) ***
11. Spike/Buffy *
12. Spike/Tara **
13. Spike/Dawn **
14. Buffy/Angel(us) *
15. Willow/Cordelia *
16. Angel(us)/Xander *
17. Spike/Drusilla **
18. Spike/Harmony *
19. Willow/Ethan ****
20. Spike/Giles ***
21. Xander/Faith *
22. Ethan/Giles ****
23. Andrew/Xander *
24. Buffy/Giles *
25. Willow/Lindsey *****
26. Lindsey/Angel ****
27. Angel/Fred ***

my additions in italics

Okay guys, remember to add three to the bottom when you do this meme yourselves! I look forward to seeing YOUR ratings for these pairings!
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