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In shock

I'm in shock right now. emeraldswan died suddenly today. She just gave birth to her third child last week. I can't imagine what her family must be going through right now.

She was my oldest online friend. She was the first person I actually emailed with that was more than just feedback for my Willow/Giles fics nearly 12 years ago. We almost met at least 3 times, but her plans always ended up changing and it never happened. I still had hope that one day we would meet and I could thank her in person for opening me up to a more enriching fandom life. I wouldn't know all of you without having known her. She will be missed.

ETA: I think I'll need to spend the rest of my weekend re-reading all her fic at Near Her Always and Soulmates (Angel) (Spike) and Twisting the Hellmouth.
Tags: death, friends

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