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And it goes on...

Oh my freaking G-d!

I didn't reply to the last email from the girl with the new website because last week was insanely busy and then I went out of town. (And I then I just plain forgot.) For a refresher, or to get caught up, go here.


I loved your Willow/Angel series named Teacher's Pet, it was wonderfuly written. I was wondering if I could add this series to my website. The link to my website is, http://www.geocities.com/smedley5000/


I'm starting to wonder if she's been checking my LJ because each email is a little better, although she still didn't address me by name. And she took down a lot of the stuff at her site that didn't relate to fanfiction. I'm still not going to say yes. Although this time I should probably follow through and say no.
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