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The Saga Continues

Remember these posts: Bad Request to host fic and My Generic Response?

Well, I just got another email from her. Once again the email was simply titled: Your Fanfiction. This time she at least mentioned some of my fics she'd like to host, but still didn't address me by name.


I love your fan fiction. I am making a website a general Role Playing and Fan fiction website. I wanted to put some of your fan fiction on my website. The stories that I would like to put on the website are below. My website address is http://www.geocities.com/smedley5000/ please excuse the mess because I am still working on updating and making everything look nice. Please reply either way if you want me to put your stories up or not so that I know.

Directed Study
Final Exam
Gold Star
Impromptu Tutorial
Perseverance Has Its Own Rewards
Requested Coaching


Note that while she named the stories, which are the individual titles for The Teacher's Pet Series, she did so in alphabetical order rather than chronological order. *slaps forehead*

Even though I said no once before, I believe that I am going to have to say it again. She rubbed me the wrong way already and that's not so easy to fix, especially when it comes to my fic.

Now back to my stressful work day. Man, did I need that laugh.
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