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Myth, Magic, and Making Stuff Up

Today I saw Neil Gaiman speak at the MFA. ::bounces:: I got there an hour early and was about 50 people back in line. There was an older woman a couple people back who is a member and she kept gushing about how great it was to get people like Neil Gaiman to speak at the museum to bring in all these young people. Admittedly, even though I've been a member for 10 years I haven't been there for almost a year.

They let us in half an hour before showtime and I got a seat in the 4th row, behind the row of Reserved seating. The event was sold out, with an overflow room with a video feed set up. Check out my view:


He talked about how he loved myths. How myths were like compost - they start out as a belief and become history and then just stories that turn to dust, only to be built upon and fuel new ideas.

He talked about lots of other stuff, then brought it back to myths.

He was as funny and witty as you'd expect.

He even read us a new story from a secret project.

His voice is truly hypnotic. I think I may need to get every audiobook he's done for his own books to listen to him read them.

Oh, and his wife, Amanda Palmer, sat in the seat directly in front of me just before Neil came out. :)
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