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I did something last night that I've been putting off and dreading, which turned out not to be so horrible. Yes, I went clothing shopping. I'm going to a wedding in two weeks, and I wanted something new to wear to it. I found something too. I had a very nice sales girl helping me put together outfits because I can really wear dresses. (I'm build wrong for most of them and am too lazy to go to a tailor to have them altered to fit right.)

My choices are this top with this skirt OR the same skirt with this cami and this sweater over it. The sales girl had originally paired the cami/sweater combo with a different skirt, but it wasn't something that was me. I got the cami (which fit much better than I thought it would) in a chocolate brown too.

Squeeage: Kiss Me Deadly and Inked Retribution have been nominated at the Primordial Souls Awards!

btvs_hush has a bunch of ties, so if you haven't voted yet, please do. Voting closes Sunday at 8pm EST.

Oh, and check out my new Labyrinth icon made by odditzy.
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