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Important Pimp & Anniversary

I just found out that there's only been one nomination so far at the Scene Stealer Awards. This is an innovative Awards Site run by the fabulous just_feen.

* Best Action Scene
* Best Comeback Line
* Best Death Scene
* Best Insult
* Best Speech
* Best Torture Scene
* Most Romantic Moment

* Best Anya Insight
* Best Blonde Buffy Moment
* Best Dru-speak
* Best Giles Lecture
* Best Spike Snark
* Best Willow Babble
* Best Useless Xander Joke
* Funniest Description of A Character
* Best Reason for Giles to Polish His Glasses

* Most Bizarre Threat to the Hellmouth
* Best Cameo by a Dead Character - not a demon
* Best Spell

* Best Kiss
* Best Blowjob
* Best Cunnilingus
* Best Sex Scene
* Best Three-way
* Most Unusual Sexual Position

I know we all have our favorite moments in stories, so lets try to get them some recognition. Nominations end on August 21st.

On a personal note, today marks my 1 year anniversary on LJ. Sometimes I wonder what I did before I had it. Then I remember, I had more time. *grin*
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