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Memories of WriterCon

Today I realized that it has been one year since I was in Las Vegas for WriterCon. It's been a whole year since I was able to meet some of you and share the joy of writing BtVS fanfiction with like-obsessed people. Can you believe it? It was so wonderful being around so many people who "got" this need to write in this fandom. We were no longer fannish freaks, we were a community of like-minded writers who all had a common interest, regardless of what pairings we favored.

I have some wonderful memories of that weekend. The lectures, the workshops, the Q&A with Jane Espenson, skipping workshops to just hang out, staying up way too late to do the same, and not having nearly enough time for all of it. I know that I didn't meet everyone I wanted to for one reason or another.

This also means that my 1 year anniversary of being on LJ is next week. I created my LJ the day after I got home from WriterCon.

I miss you guys!
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