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I am stuck in NW Arkansas tonight. My flight was delayed 30 minutes and I only had 30 minutes to transfer planes in Detroit. Delta is putting me up here for the night. Tomorrow I fly thru Mpls, getting to Boston around 7pm. At least I was bumped to 1st class for the second flight.

Until I got to the airport today, I had a fabulous trip. I'll give a full travelogue when I get home, but the short version is that I was very impressed. The new Crystal Bridges museum was gorgeous and we saw some great modern architecture by E. Fay Jones. I was truly delighted.

As a bonus, I got to spend a fun ending hanging out with purplefeen and her husband. Such a treat!

I probably won't go though the backlog on LJ until I get home because it's just easier on my computer than the iPad. At least the way I do it.

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