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How in the hell did this series win an award?

I'm a bit flabbergasted that Storm Series (Willow/Giles) is a Runner Up for the Storyteller Award (Best Series) at wicked_awards. I wrote this series in 2003 and have barely thought of it since. I think I need to read it again.

The Judge's Comments blew me away: This is a Universal story that will resonate with all about how to get from accepting one's attraction to someone, to drop all your defenses and fall in love and then to learn how to live with that chosen one, accepting their idiosyncrasies, their hopes and their characters to build together a safe, romantic and beautiful love story.

Congrats to all the winners, especially ash_carpenter, pickamix, snogged, snowpuppies, spikesredqueen, valyssia, and velvetwhip.
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