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Winners have been announced at the Willowy Goodness Awards!

The winners for the 2012 Willowy Goodness Awards have been posted. You can view the winners list here.

Winners can pick up their award plaques here

Congrats to the winners! Especially those on my flist: aaronlisa, angelskuuipo, gilescandy, naughtynyx88, purplefeen, snowpuppies, spikesredqueen, staringiscaring, valyssia, velvetwhip

I managed to win a few myself:
The Big Gun Award
Best Willow/Other Male Author (Runner Up)
Best Willow/Other Male Fic (Runner Up) for Across the Universe (Willow/Lindsey)
Best Just Willow Author
Best Just Willow Author Fic for Tears Dry On Their Own
Best Multiple Partner Author (tied with aaronlisa)
Best Multiple Partner Author Fic (Runner Up) for Awake My Soul (Willow/Angel/Oz)
Best Friendship Fic for Tears Dry On Their Own
Best PWP for Awake My Soul

Thank you to everyone who voted.

Now let's get started with writing the fic that will be eligible next year!
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