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Winners are Up

The winners have been annouced for Round Two of the Sunnydale Memorial Fanfiction Awards at our new home: www.geocities.com/sunnydawards

Not all of the award plaques are up yet, I know, but we didn't want to delay the announcement of the winners. The wonderful and talented Dusty was busier this past week than anticipated, but we will be posting the awards as soon as she finishes them, so please check back to see the rest.

To jump straight to the winners page, go here.

Special congrats to my friends (and I can finally say who they are) velvetwhip, claudia6913, emeraldswan, cafedemonde, elenorlaura, jennillu, shannon730, and KallieRose who doesn't use LJ.

Nominations for Round Three will begin on October 5th.
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