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Happy New Year's Eve!

I wish you all a happy, healthy and safe New Year!

I have spent most of today trying to wrap up Round 25 of the SunnyD Awards. It's taking longer than I thought, and winners are not going to be posted today. I have the winner list and am just now starting on the plaques. I may finish them before I have to leave for a New Year's party, but then they still need to be coded for the website and last round's plaques need to come down, and this year's winners need to be added to the Master List of Winners. So yeah, not happening today. I'll be able to do all that tomorrow, though. (I just posted on the website that winners will be announced tomorrow.) Then I have to open nominations for Willowy Goodness. I have that header finished and just need to update the layout with it.

I think I'll be very happy to have Monday off since I'm working all weekend - just not paid work. :) (Not true. I get paid by making fanfic writers happy. This is most definitely a labor of love.)
Tags: happy new year, sunnyd awards

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