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I may be off LJ during the day most of this week. The new girl (is she still a girl if she's in her 40s?) started yesterday and apparently it is my job to train her. Oh, did I mention my one of my co-workers quit just before I asked for a promotion/raise? Luckily, we only had one week between people, so my workload didn't increase too much. Yesterday I gave Andrea (new girl) an overview of how to use our system. Luckily, she'd been using our website to find a job, so she was already familiar with the basics, now she just has to learn how to use it from the back end. Today I get to show her how to actually update an account.

On a pimping note... btvs_hush is in desparate need of more votes in its current poll. There were only 7 icons in this poll and it's resulting in 3-way ties. Feel free to enter the next challenge too. Caps are of: Spike & fyarl!Giles, Xander/Willow/Buffy S2, Buffy/Spike S7, and Xander/Tara/Buffy S6.
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