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my weekend

It's been kind of a quiet weekend for me. Yesterday I was antsy so I took myself to see "Batman Begins". I will admit that I mostly wanted to see it in the theatre for the "Serenity" trailer, which was great on the big screen. Previews also confirmed that I do not want to see the "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory", which I already knew. I now have even less desire to see it. (No offense to those of you who do.) Afterwards, I had lunch at Panera Bread (Brocolli & Cheddar soup), then went to Target for some shopping.

Today's been a lazy day. Played with websites and icons. Put away the laundry I did last weekend. Baked a pie with a new recipe from my chocolate cookbook - it's like big soft chocolate chip cookie.

That's about it. How was everyone's weekend?
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