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Fic: All You Need is Blood 7/7 (W/S) NC-17

Yes, this is the last chapter. It kind of snuck on me too.

Title: All You Need is Blood
Author: dragonydreams (Elisabeth)
Email: dragonydreams@yahoo.com
Rating: NC-17
Pairing: Willow/Spike
Summary: Spike figures out what he needs to get out of his wheelchair.
Disclaimer: I claim no ownership over these characters. I am merely borrowing them from Joss et al.
Distribution: winter_spillow, my site, the usual lists, anyone with previous permission. Anyone else - just ask.
Feedback: Yes please! It makes me happy and keeps me writing.
Author's Note: Thanks to velvetwhip, Kat and Lisa Kelley for their wonderful beta skills.
Author's Note 2: Previous chapters can be found HERE.

Once Willow's menses began, Spike locked her in the room at all times, even when she was chained to the bed. Not surprisingly, Willow didn't object; not after the first minion let himself in to help himself to the buffet. Spike promptly dusted the minion, but all kinds of ruckus was stirred up.

Angelus burst into the room, game face on, demanding to know what was going on in his home, yelling at Spike for killing his minion with undue cause.

"The git went after Willow," the blond fumed.

"Then you should learn to lock your door," Angelus sneered.

"You should enforce the hands-off rule," Spike rejoined.

"There's no such rule." Spike looked taken aback. Angelus smirked. "I told you to keep her chained up if you didn't want the others to taste her. I never said they'd be told not to try her."

"But… but she's mine. Only mine," Spike spluttered.

"Did you warn her about what happens to warm-blooded girls that are kept for more than a month?" Angelus spoke to Spike, but he was watching Willow. He closed his eyes and inhaled deeply, golden eyes locking on hers when they opened again.

Willow remained frozen on the bed. She'd been scared when the minion lunged at her earlier, but that was nothing compared to the fear she felt as she saw the hunger on Angelus' face now. For the first time in her young life, Willow wished with all her heart that she would be ignored and left alone. She knew that she did not want this kind of attention, not from Angelus, or his minions.

Angelus began to stalk towards the bed. Spike caught his arm, growling, "You stay away from her."

"Make me." Angelus shoved Spike, propelling the wheelchair across the room. He turned back to Willow, who was inching towards the far side of the bed.

"Ah, ah, ah," Angelus warned. "If you knew what was good for you, you'd stop moving."

Willow thought, 'What's good for me is to get as far from you as possible.' Outwardly, she just froze.

"You don't want to do what I think you're thinking of doing," she said, putting up a brave front.

Angelus laughed at her bravado. "Oh, I think that I do."

"No, really, you don't," Willow countered, sneaking a look in Spike's direction. "Because that would just be icky."

"What's the matter," Angelus taunted as he continued to crawl towards her across the bed. "Never had your pussy eaten before? Spike's a bigger wuss than I gave him credit for."

"Daddy, no!" Drusilla's shout from the doorway halted Angelus' hand as he reached towards the hem of Willow's dress. At the same time, Spike's hand yanked Angelus' other arm, sending him off the bed and across the room.

Angelus shook his head and looked up to see Spike standing protectively in front of Willow.

Slowly, he got to his feet. "Well, what do we have here? Looks like our boy Willy has been keeping secrets."

"She's done it," Dru lilted. "My fierce warrior is back."

Willow moved forward until she could kneel behind Spike, pressing her body against his back.

Spike curled an arm back behind Willow, pulling her body closer, silently thanking her for the physical support. It had only been four days since Spike had first tried to stand, and while his strength returned more every day, he'd only really walked more than two steps for the first time that day.

"So, the invalid has found his feet," Angelus sneered. "Guess there's no need to be keeping the girl all to yourself then. Be a good boy now and share with your family."

"Sod off," Spike growled. "Willow's mine and I'm not sharing."

"Best to do as he says, dearie," Dru tried to soothe her childe.

"What?" He spun to look at his dark goddess. "But you said. You said she was meant for me."

"I did," Dru agreed. "And she's done her job well. No reason not to give us a taste now. Taste until our bellies are full and the well has run dry."

"No!" Spike cried out, surprisingly horrified by the idea of Willow dying. "You can't kill her. I'm not done with her yet."

"Stop being so damn selfish." Angelus reached around Spike and pulled Willow away from him.

"Spike," she called out, fear rolling off her in waves. "Spike, stop him."

"Struggle more," Angelus teased her as Willow tried to twist out of his iron grip. "It only makes the blood sweeter for the effort."

"Please, don't do this," Willow pleaded, tears springing to her eyes.

"What are you so afraid of? It's not like Spike hasn't had his fangs buried in you for the past month."

"Sp-Spike needs me. He needs my blood," Willow sputtered.

"And now I need it," Angelus said, lowering his face to Willow's neck.

Just as one sharp fang was about to pierce Willow's flesh, Angelus once again found himself on his back.

"Get out," Spike shouted, standing in front of a trembling Willow. "This is my room and my girl. You're not welcome in either."

"You know, I'm getting really tired of your insolence. Maybe it's time to remind you just who is in charge around here."

"My girl, my blood, my room," Spike reiterated. "You go find your own blood bank. This one's a one-solicitor source."

"She's not worth it," Drusilla said, trying to defuse the situation, placing a hand on Angelus' arm. She wanted a taste of the girl as badly as her sire did, but not at the expense of her boy's heart. She had known that he would fall for this girl, and he deserved to be happy. "Let him have her for a little while longer. When he's back to his full strength, he'll do what's right."

Spike managed to refrain from commenting on the slur against his girl. If it would get them out of his room, he'd let his sire get away with it.

Angelus glared at Spike and Willow silently for several long minutes. Finally, he pulled Drusilla to him and ravaged her mouth. "Come, Dru. I've got some tensions that need to be worked off." With that, he dragged the female vampire from the room and to his own.

As soon as they cleared the door, Spike moved to close and lock it, propping a chair under the doorknob for insurance.

When he turned back to Willow, she was curled in a heap on the floor, silently crying. He moved back to her and lifted her onto the bed. Willow clung to him, crying against his chest. Spike made soothing noises, running his hand through her hair, after unlocking the chain from her wrist.

"Shh, it's over. They're gone. They're not going to hurt you, I promise."

"How can you?" Willow sniffled. "How do you know that next time he comes in here he won't do something so that you can't send him away?"

"I'm not going to let anything or anyone hurt you. You mean too much to me to let that happen."

"How long are you going to keep me here?" Willow nervously asked. "I don't know if I can take another day like today. They left me alone before because you needed me, but now that you can walk…"

"I still need you," Spike interrupted. "Always need you."

Spike stopped Willow's next protest by pressing his lips to hers. His kiss was urgent, needy, hungry. He tried to convince Willow with actions that he would always need her, and not just for her blood. She made his unlife more interesting, just by being there. He didn't want to let her go, ever.

When he pulled back to let her breathe, Spike blurted out, "Come away with me."

"W-what?" Willow breathlessly asked.

"Come away with me. Let's leave this mansion, this town, this state. They can't bother us if we're not here."

"B-but what about Drusilla? Isn't she your dark goddess? You've never not been with her." Willow pointed out.

"Sure I have," Spike argued. "Just don't like to talk about it is all. Every so often she gets it into her head that she wants to be her own vampire. Or she takes up with some demon for a while, just because she knows it'll hurt me. Says it will make me a stronger demon. Whatever. You've seen how she hangs on her sire whenever she's near him. It's always been like that. I'm just enough of the love-sick puppy to keep taking her back when she tires of the others."

"So I'm going to be some kind of revenge?" Willow bristled.

"No! You're going to be my light. You're going to be my reason for not ever going back to her. She'll come find me when Angelus gets tired of playing 'Daddy', and if you're with me, I'll be strong enough to send her back."

"But what about school, my friends?" Willow asked, biting her bottom lip nervously.

"What about them? You haven't been to school for the last month, or seen your little friends."

"Can I say goodbye?" Willow asked.

"Is that a yes?" Spike asked, hope lighting his face.

"I--I want to finish high school," Willow insisted. "I'm too smart to be some loser high school drop out."

"If you come with me, you can do almost anything you want. Just be with me, stay by my side."

"I'll need to get some things from my parents' house before we go. I'll need my laptop, some books, and my own clothes. These dresses are nice and all, but they're not me."

"I think we can arrange that," Spike agreed. "So, you'll come?"

"Yes, Spike. I'll go with you. I don't think I could go back to being a normal girl after this anyway. At least not here."

Spike kissed Willow soundly. He was happier than he could remember being in a lifetime. He had everything that he needed right here, in his arms, and she'd be by his side always.

Spike fed heavily from Willow that night. He'd expended a lot of energy in trying to keep Angelus away from Willow. He made sure to bring her to orgasm as he lapped up her free-flowing blood, then greedily drank her release. He also insisted that Willow eat well to keep up her own strength.

The next night, Spike waited for Angelus and Drusilla to leave for the hunt. He and Willow had been quietly packing his meager belongings since they woke. It wasn't much, so it fit into a couple of bags that they were able to hang from Spike's handlebars or stuff into the pockets of his beloved leather duster.

Half an hour after his elders left, Willow, seemingly chained to Spike's wheelchair, pushed him out of his room.

The minion that was standing guard outside Spike's door moved to block the hallway between Spike's room and the front door.

"Just where do you think you're going?" the minion questioned, puffing out his chest.

"Thought my pet could use some fresh air and exercise. Don't want her getting fat from lying about all day, now do I? Besides, what do you think that you're going to do to stop me?" Spike asked, his eyebrow raised in curiosity.

"I… I'll tell Master Angelus," he stuttered.

"You run along and do that," Spike agreed. "Oh, wait, he's not here, is he? Won't be gone long. So no one needs to be the wiser, eh mate?"

"I'll get in trouble if he finds out I just let her go wandering around. Especially after what happened with Sid," the minion nervously said.

"If you'd like, I could dust you right now. Then you wouldn't have to worry about what Angelus would do to you," Spike offered.

The minion's eyes grew large, suddenly fearing his imminent death. "No, you go on ahead. Just be back before he is, okay?"

"You got it," Spike smirked and motioned for Willow to push him forward.

Willow and Spike made it out of the mansion without further incident. Spike directed her to go around the side of the mansion, to the garage in the back. Once they were certain the garage was blocking any view of them from the mansion, Spike got out of the chair and grabbed the bags, releasing Willow from her bonds for the last time.

As hoped, the DeSoto was sitting dormant in the dusty garage. He'd insisted that Drusilla bring the car when they moved from the factory to their current residence. Angelus refused to drive his car, luckily, saying that it was unbecoming to drive around in a car with blacked out windows.

Willow held her breath as Spike turned the key in the ignition until the old car roared to life. She blew the air out as Spike smirked at her and gunned the engine. He tore out of the open garage doors, tires squealing as they left the mansion behind them.

As they drove past the "Now Leaving Sunnydale" sign, Willow finally felt herself relax.

"We did it," she whispered in disbelief. "We got away from them!"

"Told you I'd get us out, didn't I?" Spike said, his voice leaving no room for doubt. "I couldn't stand bein' there any more'n you could. Thank you for coming with me."

"Are you kidding? I wouldn't want to stay there without you!" Willow squealed. "Oh, you mean, coming with you now, like away." Spike nodded, grinning at her initial misunderstanding. "I meant what I said before, Spike. I don't think I could go back to being innocent little Willow. I'm different now, and I don't think my friends would be able to accept me as I am; who you made me to be."

"Does that bother you?" Spike hesitantly asked.

"No. I can't imagine not being who I am, not knowing you like I do. I can't imagine not needing you in my life," she admitted, a light blush coloring her cheeks.

Spike pulled off to the side of the road and threw the car into park.

"You won't regret it," Spike promised.

Willow eagerly went into his arms as he pulled her to him, meeting his lips in a kiss filled with hope for the future. It was a reaffirmation that they were in this together. That all they would need would be each other.

The End (and no, no sequel)
Tags: btvs fic, fic:all you need is blood, spike, willow, willow/spike

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