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Today seems to be a good day for pimping awards sites.

Voting is open until August 2nd at the Willowy Goodness Awards. I just so happen to be nominated in ... 11 categories. Wow. Go vote, even if it's not for me.

Voting is open until July 31st at the Shades of Grey Awards for the Reader's Choice categories. I'm up for Outstanding Author and Favorite site (Hairy Eyeball).

Voting is open until July 17th at the Bodice Ripper Awards. I'm nominated in 5 categories – 3 in the site/art categories, 2 for fic.

Nominations are open at the following sites:
Scene Stealer Awards until August 21st
Angel Without Wings Awards until July 15th

Oh, and voting is still open at the SunnyD Awards until July 26th.
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