Elisabeth (dragonydreams) wrote,

Catching Up

* I left a comment for the mods on my summer_of_giles sign-up post that I won't make my posting day tomorrow. As much as I hated to do it, anything I tried to throw together today would look like it was thrown together and the story I started is nowhere near ready to see the light of day. At least there is someone else signed up for the day and I do have a second date on the 23rd.

* To assuage my guilty conscience, I went to see the new Harry Potter movie. I went by myself because I couldn't wait to make plans to go. I'd be willing to see it again. Without giving anything away, I cried a lot. I always seem to when emotions are high.

* Went to a BBQ at former co-worker's (DM) new house last night. He & his wife have a very cute house with a great back yard. He said that he'd go car shopping with me when I get around to finally going for test drives. He used to sell cars and he'll be able to help me not get screwed over. Now I just need to make some appointments to do some test drives. In addition to testing the new Rav4 Sport, I'm also now leaning towards the Nissan Murano. It's pretty.

* It seems like no one is interested in going to see American Idiot with me in January. I just got my pre-order email a couple of days ago and have been asking my usual theatre buddies. So far no one is interested. Guess I'll be going by myself because this is one that I have be dying to see.
Tags: movies, rl, summer_of_giles

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