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First, please help me to welcome dark_lycoris to LJ. Help her to believe that all of the great t hings that I've been saying about LJ are true! Dark Lycoris write wonderful Willow/Spike stories and I am proud to be her beta.

Also, I got tagged by both velvetwhip and claudia6913, so I give you...

Why do you write fan fiction?
Because it's easier than writing original fiction. In fan fiction your readers already know the characters you're writing with. Cuts down on introductions. We already have faces, voices and mannerisms to go along with the characters.

What made you start?
I had been reading for a while, and based on the stories I had been reading, I realized, "Hey, I can do probably write as well as these."

Slash, Het, or Gen?
Het! Mostly. I've just recently written my first two stories that didn't have Willow in them - one was even smutty. I'm more likely to read slash than write it.

What fandoms do you write in?
Buffy the Vampire Slayer / Angel: the Series

What fandoms do you read in?
Now: BtVS / AtS. Started out reading: Pretender & Labyrinth

What's the worst story you've ever written?
Do I have a worst story? I'm not very happy with my Charmed crossover. The ending is flat, and I know it. "Someday" I want to rework the ending, maybe make it longer.

What writers are your inspiration?
So many to choose from! Following Missy's example, I'll break it down by pairing I write.
Willow/Giles - Laura Smith, Monique, Andrea
Willow/Spike - Spikedluv, Medea, inell, purplefeen
Willow/Angel - Medea, Lisa Kelley, KallieRose
Willow/Lindsey - inell

I know there were more, so don't feel bad if I forgot you.

WIP's or completed stories only?
Completed. I hate leaving stories unfinished. I try not to have more than one WIP going at a time - only allowing myself to start something new if I know it's going to be a one-shot.

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