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Last Willowy Goodness Reminder

Nominations close in 2 days at the Willowy Goodness Awards and there are a few categories that could use more nominees:

The Big Gun Award (1 nominee)
Best Willow/Faith Author (1 nominee)
Best Willow/Faith Fic (1 nominee)
Best Willow/Giles Author (1 nominee)
Best Willow/Giles Fic (1 nominee)
Best Willow/Kennedy Author (2 nominees)
Best Willow/Kennedy Fic (2 nominees)
Best Willow/Oz Author (1 nominee)
Best Willow/Oz Fic (1 nominee)
Best Willow/Tara Author (2 nominees)
Best Willow/Tara Fic (2 nominees)
Best Willow/Other Male Author (2 nominees)
Best Willow/Other Male Fic (2 nominees)
Best Multiple Partner Author (2 nominees)
Best Multiple Partner Fic (2 nominees)
Best PWP (2 nominees)

Any pairing author/fic with only one nominee will be folded into the appropriate "Other Male/Female" category. Stories with only 2 nominees will go to voting, but it would still be nice for there to be more nominees in those categories.

Remember, stories must have been written or updated in 2010 to be eligible. Go here to nominate, but don't forget to read the rules first.
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