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Boredy bored bored bored.

Work's very slow today. I've have 3 hours left in which to do my 10 minutes amount of work. Unless a pile of typing gets dumped on my desk this afternoon, of course.

So I'm spamming my flist. Lucky you.

I checked my Hairy Eyeball email (which took forever for me to log into today) and had some wonderful feedback:

Just wanted to say a v. quick un-edited thank you, and
congrats on your nomination at bodice ripper - i hope you win.
So, thank you for recognising something of a g/w crisis and acting on it ,
with such a clever, aesthetically pleasing and tender site


That brightened my afternoon.

I also started working on chapter four of All You Need is Blood. I've got three pages written so far. Depending on my muse and distractions, it should be beta-ready by the weekend, I hope.
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