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It's here!

Bouncy, bouncy, bouncy. That's me right now. My couch was just delivered!!!!! I am ridiculously excited by this. When the delivery guys were outside getting it my heart was beating so fast in excitement. It took a little manoevering to get it through the apartment door, but it worked. When they left, after sitting on it for a few minutes, I started to literally bounce up and down on my toes, actually leaving the ground a couple of times, while squeeing to my dad.

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I'm gonna play hooky the rest of today. I brought some work home with me, just in case they came more towards the 3pm part of my 10-3 window. I'll finish my typing, then go run the errands I was going to after work because my mom's coming tomorrow for the weekend. (Another thing I'm very excited about.) I realized I have no more clean towels, so I'll go to the laundromat and go to the grocery store.

Oh, this means that I probably won't be online much this weekend. My mom doesn't get my online life. She thinks it's a waste of time and the you guys aren't "real" friends. I'm still working on convincing her otherwise.

She's gonna help me with the decorating I've been putting off while waiting for the couch - hanging pictures, buying curtains, etc. I also made reservations at a nice restaurant for Mother's Day brunch.
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