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SunnyD Awards are in need of nominations

There are only 17 days left to nominate in the current round of the SunnyD Awards and there are still a lot of empty categories. This is the slowest round I've seen in a long time.

Categories with TWO nominees:
Best Quickie Fic
Best Slash

Categories with ONE nominee:
Best New Author
Best Beta
Best Comedy
Best Crossover (Book) Pairing
Best Episode Re-write
Best Fluff
Best Series
Best Song Fic

Categories with ZERO nominees:
Best Fanfic Website
Best Crossover (Book)
Best Crossover (Movie)
Best Crossover (Movie) Pairing
Best Crossover (TV)
Best Crossover (TV) Pairing
Best Original Character
Best Original Character Pairing

Check out who is already nominated and then nominate your favorite stories, authors, betas and websites/communities.
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