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How much did I love tonight's Dollhouse?

This was one of my favorite episodes so far. I loved getting more of Sierra's (or should I say Priya's) history. Granted, we knew that jerk Nolan put her in the Dollhouse against her will, but it was interesting just how deep that story went and how big a jerk he was.

Victor and Sierra's romance continues to be the cutest thing ever. Oh, and I like that they met and were attracted to each other before Sierra became Sierra. But she had to gain her true sense of self in order to name what she felt for Victor: Love.

We even got that extra glimpse into Victor's past.

The whole Topher storyline tonight was great too. While other people in the Dollhouse are losing their morality, Topher is gaining a sense of it. He truly thought he was helping Sierra/Priya by giving her her original self imprint before sending her to Nolan. But at least he and Boyd were there to help clean up the mess.

One question I have is that if Priya is Australian (like the actress who plays her), then why doesn't Sierra have an accent? (I was fine with Sierra not having an accent until we learned her original personality had one.) Are they saying that the American accent is the default one? If everyone in the world were to have their personalities erased, then they'd all sound American? I don't buy it.
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