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Defriending - Go for it

It appears to be the time of year when people are doing housecleaning on their flists. I know a few of you have been doing it for one reason or another. I've been defriended by 2 people just today (no one I was close to) in fact.

While I have not made plans to do any defriending myself, I am going to state that I am fine with it if you have realized that we no longer have things in common and want to remove me from your friends list.

I'm mainly speaking to those of you who friended me for Heroes fic. While I still watch the show, I don't foresee myself writing in that fandom again any time soon, if ever again. Granted, there's a few of you who I met through Heroes that I consider friends above and beyond the show, so even if/when I do a cut in that fandom, you'll be safe. I would just be defriending people who I friended for fic that I no longer have any interest in reading.

If you do take me up on this offer, it was nice knowing you and take care.
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