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It's been a while since I pimped some of my communities/sites.

otherworldlyric is an icon contest that uses song lyrics as prompts.
All of the fandoms that can be used to create icons are supernaturally themed.

Some of the shows that have been added recently are:
Warehouse 13, The Vampire Diaries, Eastwick and Being Erica.
You can view a full list of participating shows here.

btvs_hush is a textless icon contest for the show Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

The SunnyD Awards are currently open for nominations.

trdmarkstoicism is an Oz-centric community still looking to gather as much
old and new Oz fan fiction and art as possible.
(I still have more old stuff to post there too.)

Not Mine

absence_oflight - Today is the last day to vote at the Absence of Light Awards.

sog_awards - The Shades of Grey Awards are currently open for nominations. Please make sure to read all rules and category descriptions carefully.

If there is anything you'd like me to add to this pimp post, just let me know.
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