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New Community: trdmarkstoicism

I am very excited to bring you a new Oz-centric community: Trademark: Stoicism

I created this community because, as you've noticed, I have recently started writing more Oz fics and couldn't find any active non-shipper-specific Oz communities to post to. When I can't find something, I create it.

Everyone is encouraged to post both old and new fic to trdmarkstoicism. The BtVS fandom is growing and changing every day, with people shifting character focus all the time. Even though your story may seem ancient to you, it could be brand new to someone new to Oz fic.

Any and all Oz fic/art are welcome: het, slash, gen, crossovers - if you write it, we want it.

Join, post, read, feedback and pimp like crazy!
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