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SunnyD Awards needs more nominations!

I just did my final update to the SunnyD Awards before leaving for WriterCon. The next update will be the last one - when nominations close (August 14th) and voting opens.

There are still quite a few categories that could use more nominations in order to have a chance at real competition - or even go to the voting stage:

Best New Author - has 1 nominee
Best Fanfic Website - has 4 nominees
Best Crossover (Book) - has 3 nominees
Best Crossover (Book) Pairing - has 1 nominee
Best Crossover (Movie) - has 3 nominees
Best Crossover (TV) - has 2 nominees
Best Episode Re-write - has 4 nominees
Best Original Character Pairing - has 2 nominees
Best Pairing (Conventional) - has 4 nominees
Best Quickie Fic - has 4 nominees
Best Song Fic - has 1 nominee

So go and Nominate!

Pimping is loved and encouraged.
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