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Tony Awards

All the theatre lovers on my flist are watching the Tony Awards now, right? (On CBS, started at 8pm EST.) Neil Patrick Harris is hosting. I loved the opening number. I'll update throughout the evening .

Angela Lansbury just won her 5th Tony for Blithe Spirit. (Admittedly, I'm not familiar with the plays, just the musicals.)

The 3 boys who play Billy Eliot won for Best Lead Actor. They are just adorable accepting the award. Much deserved. That's a very demanding role.

Yay! Billy Elliot: The Musical won for Best Musical. I haven't seen the NY production, but I was blown away by the show when I saw it in London. I was worried that it wouldn't do so well in the US, but I'm happy to see that it's thriving here. Now I'm gonna have to see where I put the soundtrack for it so I can listen again.
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